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4 bright color - hanging beaded necklaces

About the Collections

     Elementale Designs handcrafted jewelry began as a simple desire to create a crystal quartz and pearl necklace as a birthday gift for a friend. Sourcing for the materials revealed a global array of stones and beads. Inspiration followed and the  instincts of  this artist and designer quickly kicked into gear to explore new ways to combine color, texture and shape.​​


     The design aesthetic of Elementale is to create beautiful counterpoints between beads of various surfaces, sizes, and hues, as with the rougher, free-form qualities of extracted stones, and more refined, polished materials.  It is not minimal, architectural or austere, although my jewelry will work beautifully when layered or worn with your finer pieces. It is not ethnic jewelry, although an Asian influence is definitely found with the play of colors, and the integration of forms from nature, with all their imperfections. There is an inherent visual "tension" in juxtaposing disparate elements, with results  that are both intriquing and modern. 

Juannie Eng Jewlery Designer Elementale Designs

About the Designer

Juannie Eng

      For most of her professional career, Juannie has been an artist and designer in fashion, fine arts painting, and now jewelry. Her creative pathway has followed a distinctive route. For 10 years as a fashion designer in New York, she developed the textile designs and color palettes for many collections, drawing upon color, texture, and shape to create a mood and evoke a response. Upon moving to San Francisco, she changed creative direction to a focused exploration of oil painting, until this  unexpected turn to jewelry design.​

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