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Raw nuggets and refined beads are arrayed along an adjustable lariat-style necklace, to create beautiful counterpoints of color, texture, and sizes, and ending in a playful tassel. A spring clasp with two separately placed rings allows a longer enclosed necklace with shorter length "tail" or a shorter enclosed necklace with a longer "tail". This necklace comes in two versions:


Crystal Quartz Lariat - White crystal and silvery pyrite nuggets combine with white freshwater pearls, "stardust", black larvikite and pave beads. This is an elegant statement necklace for dressy occasions. Necklace can be adjusted to a 24" enclosed necklace / 7" "tail" or a 28" enclosed necklace/ 3" "tail".


Pyrite Lariat - Golden tones of raw pyrite nuggets are mixed with faceted gold hematite, pyrite and labradorite round beads. The warm tones of this statement necklace will beautifully work when the gleam of a gold accessory is desired . Necklace can be adjusted to a 26" enclosed necklace/ 7" "tail" or 30" enclosed necklace/ 3" "tail".

Adjustable Lariat Necklace

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